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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I taste almonds!

So I know I've complained about the loss of my taste buds and the fact that I've been feeling bad lately, which has made my appetite disappear. But it's not entirely true.

I can taste almonds!

Let me clarify. It's not that I can just taste almonds, and it's not just any almonds I can taste. It's a particular kind of almond that I not only taste, I experience a profound sense of pleasure and delight because the sweetness of the nut combined with this soft, mellow roasted flavor has my senses actually stimulated so that IT TASTES GOOD!

What are these miracle almonds you ask? And where can you get some?

They are sent compliments of my friend, Greg Massa--an old college dorm mate (he lived on the floor right below mine in Santa Cruz dorm, UCSB, 1988-1989). Greg and his wife Raquel are organic farmers in Northern California and they own Massa Organics (click here for the link).

This is a picture of Greg and Raquel with their five kids on the family farm

They also have a Facebook group (click here).

When Greg heard I had cancer, he sent this wonderful gift box to me filled with a organic wheat flour, organic brown rice, almond butter, and most importantly, these yummy, yummy almonds!

Jane D. was over when I got the package and can attest to how scrumptious the almonds are (and she took one of the brochures that Greg included).

I don't know if anyone reading this is in need of some good organic brown rice, flour, or almonds, but even if you think you don't need it, let me tell you, it's SO WORTH IT--THESE ALMONDS ARE INCREDIBLE! And if I can taste and savor and take pleasure in the taste of these almonds while I'm on chemo, I can't imagine what they taste like with normal taste buds!

So thank you Greg and Raquel! I will be forever grateful for your almonds!

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