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Monday, September 27, 2010

I've got a date...a surgery date

I'm writing from Topsail Beach--I think there's sort've a nice symmatery that I went to the coast right before chemo and I'm at a different coast right after chemo. My Aunt Joyce and Uncle Nap came into NC to visit with us and have decided to sweep us up and take us to the coast for some R&R.

Which is nice because it's now T-minus 21 days and counting for my surgery. Yes, I have a date for my surgery: Monday, October 18. I'll be getting details about it after I meet with my surgeon this upcoming Wednesday.

My mother will be flying in on Sat, Oct 16 and will stay and help with my healing/recovery through Nov. 3. And because so many of our generous friends have asked me if I'll do another sign-up sheet for meals during the surgery recuperation, we have graciously and gratefully complied--here it is:

Surgery Sign-Up for Food Drop Offs

[We have felt sheepish about asking for food help and gifts a second time, but so many folks assure me that they like the sign-up sheet and want to help out. And since we are blessed with so many friends who are wonderful cooks, we are very appreciative of everyone's efforts on our behalf]

[UPDATE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 6:30PM: We have so many generous friends/family! The sign-up sheet has been filled in record time--THANK YOU!]

So on the health front, I'm doing fine--still dealing with some fatigue/exhaustion, and my fingertips are still numb, but I'm looking forward to those symptoms subsiding and for my hair to finally start growing back!

Finally, in other breast-cancer related news, two events for folks who are local:

*Tuesday, October 12 @4pm at the Carolina Women's Center at UNC Chapel Hill
--I'll be part of a breast cancer awareness panel that is being sponsored by the CWC as part of their breast cancer awareness education month activities.

*Friday, October 15 @7pm. The Asian American sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi will be holding their annual charity ball at the Carolina Inn -- all proceeds will go to the Avon Foundation breast cancer awareness/research (for more info, see the flyer below)

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