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Friday, September 3, 2010

Counting down the days 'til September 16

This is going to be a relatively brief post to fill you in on my chemo schedule and how I'm doing health-wise.

Yesterday I had my 3rd dose of Taxol and my 7th dose of chemo, which means I'll have my final dose of Taxol on Thursday, Sept. 16--which will also mark the end to my chemo treatments -- WOO HOO!

My white blood cell count took a bit of a plunge (3.9--normal range is 4.0-12.0) so I went in for another neulasta shot today, which should hopefully help get my numbers back up, although I'm still considered immune compromised because of the chemo. So I'm still being cautious--trying to avoid kids in childcare and college-aged kids and anyone else who may be sick--which is why I've stopped hugging and shaking hands (hope nobody takes it personally).

The odd news is that while my hemaglobin and hematacrit (RBC) counts stayed pretty much the same--right below the lowest level for normal, my platelet counts did an incredible leap from 97 2 weeks ago to 244. To give you an idea of what is normal, 150-400 is a normal platelet count range and they get nervous when you dip below 100. So it just seems odd, to me, that I jumped all the way from 97-244. Wouldn't they be suspicious if they saw you take the GRE's within 2 weeks and you elevated your verbal scores this quickly?

At any rate, I'm doing OK--I'm looking forward to being over with chemo--I'm not looking forward to the side effects from both the Taxol and Neulasta, which should hit me tomorrow afternoon and which will consist of severe joint, muscle, and bone pain. I'm also not looking forward to the double-mastectomy surgery, which should be scheduled for mid-October, with a 2-6 week healing period, but it has to be done, so I may as well get it over with. I'm trying not to think ahead to the surgery because I know it will be hard and I know I will feel freaked out--so I figure one thing at a time.

Hope all of you are healthy, happy, and well, and if you aren't any of those things, well I hope you will be healthy, happy and well soon! And for my U.S. compatriots, HAPPY LABOR DAY!


  1. Sept. 16 is a good day for good news. It's Mexican Independence Day, so lots of folks will be sending good energy and celebrations into the world that day. I'm glad the end of chemo is in sight!

  2. Stumbled upon your was helpful to read through your posts. I'm 41 and was diagnosed on May 5, 2010. I tried a clinical trial at Stanford University that was unsuccessful...I was pulled from that treatment after 3 treatment cycles because my tumor grew. I had a partial mastectomy on August 13th and will start AC-Taxol dose dense regimen on September 8th. I have triple-negative breast cancer, stage III, grade 3. While my hair thinned on my first treatment, I did not lose all my hair. I know I will nowlose it all and am a bit freaked out. It helped to read through your posts. I too hate the pink ribbons...someone gave me a pink ribbon magnet for my car that said "FIGHT LIKE A GIRL"...I ripped it off and threw it out. Anger, sadness, how can I f-ing have cancer at 41? You said it all...glad I'm not alone. And yes, chemo brain is unfortunately real.